What is a Structured Wiring System?

Every homeowner should be able to take advantage of the coming information technologies, but even in new homes the wiring systems that are usually installed are totally inadequate for the digital electronic products and services now being offered or contemplated. This prevents many of these new services from operating properly within the home.

Just as the need for electrical wiring came into being with the wide availability of distributed electrical power, there is now a need for "electronic wiring" with the availability of distributed electronic information services.

With a structured wiring system from AHT Inc. in the walls, audio and video can be shared throughout the home. You can change the channel on the TV to see who is at the front door or to look in on the baby. You'll be able to watch and control the downstairs DVD player from the upstairs TV, because the wiring also supports a whole-home infrared system. This also allows the audio equipment in the family room to be controlled from anywhere in the house. Computers can easily be networked together. High-speed digital data communications are supported such as modems, fax machines and Internet connectivity. Standard telephones and cable connections will be without crosstalk or interference.

Choosing a system

Ensure that your home is equipped with the wiring infrastructure to handle the technological demands of today's and tomorrow's digital technologies.

USTec MultiMedia Residential Wiring Networks - AHT Inc. proudly designs with USTec home networking and structured wiring systems.  Ustec is at the leading edge of the new generation of interactive voice, data, video and multimedia products and communications services.


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