utomated living takes convenience to a whole new level. Imagine waking up knowing that your home has already anticipated your needs and prepared the coffee, set the temperature, and turned off outside lights. AHOT specializes in custom designed systems that make your home work for you. With the touch of a button on your telephone, wireless remote control, or convenient keypads you can easily control:
  Audio/Video Systems   Security
  Lighting   Office Equipment


Our integrated security systems, programmed according to your family’s needs and monitored 24 hours a day, provide the ultimate in home security. Check on your system at any time, from anywhere, with your cellular or any touch-tone phone. Going on vacation? Our systems can automatically turn interior lights on and off at random, making your home look occupied.

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"One Touch" Controls

Let AHT give you the convenience of a single home system with "one touch" control, while saving you money on your energy bill, and providing, above all else, comfort and peace of mind.

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